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Management Referrals

Helping you to manage absence by:

  • Reducing levels of short-term or long-term sickness absence
  • Preventing absence by providing early intervention and support for an employee with ill health
  • Mental Health absence support and training  
  • Disability management and advice 
  • Return to work support and guidance
  • Neurodiversity support, advice, diagnosis and training
  • Musculoskeletal support, advice, access to physiotherapy treatment and job coaching

We offer easy access to occupational health assessments which provide expert advice, rapid response times and cost-effective pay as you go OH advice. 

Our completed occupational health assessments help you to understand what your employee needs to feel better, return to work, do their job safely and avoid anything that could cause further health or absence issues 

Benefits Include: 

  • Expert clinical triage of cases which means 90% of cases are resolved 1st time
  • Multiple assessment options
  • The longest appointment times for your employees in the industry 
  • Practical recommendations guiding you through the next steps 
  • Clinical and administrative help throughout

Make an occupational health referral today:

Easy Access

Any UK business of any size can refer a sick employee to our service as a one off or on a regular basis. Easy access for new customers and no retainer fee, just pay for what you use. We are ready for you to refer an employee today.

Rapid Appointments

Accessing expert Occupational Health advice quickly is important to you, so it’s important to us. OH Assessments can be arranged within 2 working days with Occupational Health Nurses & 7 working days with Occupational Health Doctors.

Evidence Based Reports

Our management referral report gives you the knowledge, tools & confidence to manage your employee’s situation. Our long appointment times allow us to assess the person not just the identified medical condition, providing you with comprehensive advice.

How an Occupational Health Report has helped our Customers

Clear, concise & digestible… 

“We at SBHG have used Staywell for a number of years and are extremely happy with the service they provide. We have used a number of other Occupational Health providers in the past but found Staywell’s level of service unmatched with their prompt responses and really understanding our business when making practical recommendations. Their reports have always been clear, concise and digestible both for the organisation to take action as well as the employee to understand”

Enabler to our employee health/wellbeing plans… 

“We are delighted with the efficient and quality service from Staywell and the positive impact this has had on making sure we develop a better understanding of our employees health challenges. As a result, we’ve helped facilitate some supportive working arrangements and we’ll continue to rely on the quality and efficiency Staywell OH provides as an Enabler to our employee health/wellbeing plans, and in turn, our Company growth” 

The longer an employee is off, the more likely it is that they won’t return to your workplace. Access expert advice on the steps you can take to move forward & avoid long term, costly absence.

What Makes us Different? 

Contact us to Discuss your Needs

You can use us reactively, but the sweet spot is when you embed us in your business, a bit like you accountant or lawyer.

We want you to be better able to protect the wellbeing of your employees, reduce the costs associated with absence and identify future potential issues before they have an adverse impact on your business.

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