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Fit for task medicals

What we can provide?

Staywell provide a simple, cost effective solution to maintaining a healthy and safe workforce. All medicals will be carried out onsite by a qualified occupational health nurse. Each medical includes a questionnaire specific to the task, to assess medical history and a medical examination measuring; blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, urine & eyesight.

Why are these medicals necessary?

There are certain situations within workplaces when employees are most at risk of hazards, or if a health issue were to develop, it would create a dangerous situation. By screening for the common risk factors of heart disease, diabetes and poor eyesight, it can be decided if an employee is fit enough to carry out specific duties.

Medicals we offer include:

A man working at heights looking at the ground below

One of the leading causes of injury & fatality under the WAHR act is falls from ladders & through fragile roofs.

How long will testing take?

Each medical will take approximately 30 minutes to complete, when more than one medical is being performed, this will take approximately 10 minutes extra as the medical tests are similar, but include a different questionnaire specific to each task.


There are only three possible outcomes of a fit to work assessment:

In all cases a report will be produced, detailing the reasons for the outcome and outlining any restrictions that may be required.

A forklift truck driver moving a pallet

We can complete forklift truck driver medicals at a location of your choice to the standards laid down by the HSE.


What we suggest

At Staywell we recommend that employees are screened before employment, every five years if over 45 and every year if over 65. This is to comply with the HSE recommendations for driver medicals, but is good practice for the additional medicals we offer.

It also may be necessary to re-assess an employee if circumstances change, if they have repeated or long term sickness absence or have recently been put on medication.

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