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About us

What we do

We understand the complex risks faced by todays Employers, which is why our team of highly experienced administrators will match our bespoke services to the needs of your business in the most cost effective way. Likewise our occupational health nurses & physicians understand the importance of delivering an efficient & confidential service, with minimal disruption to your business.

Our Occupational health & wellness solutions will help you to develop & maintain a healthy & productive workforce, which in turn will enhance your organisations performance and profitability.

Our team

Staywell is a family owned and operated Occupational Health Provider, with a network of OH professionals across the UK. As you would expect from a family run business we operate with a friendly atmosphere and bespoke approach that promotes and inspires confidence, trust & mutual respect, with both our clients and our employees. Staywell only work with experienced & dedicated individuals that can deliver our services to the highest standards of practice and customer care, in order to protect the health of your workforce.

Our clients

Staywell have worked with many clients over the years from a broad range of industries in Health surveillance, Occupational Health, Workplace ergonomics and Health and Wellbeing. Staywell will look after your staff whether you have 1 worker or 1000 workers and you will still receive the same great service. 

We are dedicated to forming constructive, long-term professional relationships with our clients.

Small to medium enterprises

We also provide support for many SME’s who only have the occasional Occupational health requirement and who access the full range of our services on a pay-as-you-go basis. There are no annual costs and as part of the service we set reminders for when health screening becomes due, maintain your records & provide general support for managers on an ad hoc basis.