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Sickness Absence Calculator

Are you aware how much sickness absence is costing your business?

Since 1993, sickness absence has fallen by over 38% from 7.2 days per worker to 4.4 days (per year). However, this still costs the country over £29bn each year. In 2013, the most common cause of sickness absence was minor illness. However, more days are lost through back and neck problems than any other cause; many of these can be prevented.

Long term sickness absence cases can benefit from OH nurse intervention, speeding up the return to work process by introducing a return to work strategy. The nurse is also able to contact GP’s and/or specialists, early in the process to help plan their return to work. OH intervention can also benefit short-term cases, by improving workforce morale, awareness and introducing health initiatives.

Use the calculator below to find out how much sickness absence is costing your business* 

*Please note, this is an underestimate. The calculator does not factor in the cost of lost management time, cost of temporary workers and loss of productivity.