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New Starter Health Questionnaire

Helping You to Protect Your New Employees and Your Business

Whether you have recruited new team members, or a current employee is changing their job role, we know you’ll want to check that they are medically fit and have the right support in place to perform effectively from day one.  

Our pre-employment health assessment service provides:

  • Online health questionnaires that are quick and simple to fill in and capture any pre-existing health conditions, disabilities, current treatments or medications which could impact on an employee’s ability to perform their role or create risks for you, their employer. 
  • Review of the questionnaire by an occupational health advisor, who will follow-up any causes of concern. 
  • Access to expert clinical advice on any workplace adjustments required to support the employee to perform their role and to ensure compliance with The Equality Act 2010      
  • Establish a baseline assessment prior to the employee being exposed to any workplace hazards 
  • Helps you to be compliant with GDPR legislation. 

Our pre-employment health screening service can help you to minimise the likelihood of future sickness absence and in turn, reduce any associated costs to your business.

Benefits Include

  • By giving you the information you need, it means that you can proactively manage your employees’ health from the moment they join your business.
  • A fast, cost-effective, online health screening solution that helps you to be compliant with GDPR legislation.
  • Should you work with hazards the service identifies employees that require a baseline health surveillance assessment.

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