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Drug & Alcohol Screening Services

Drug and Alcohol use can have a significant effect on performance, concentration and alertness. Which is why more and more employers are adopting a robust drug & alcohol policy both for their employees wellbeing and for the company as a whole, reducing the risk of accidents and the cost of absenteeism.

The statistics

What can employers do?

Woman blowing into a breathalyser

We use a breathalyser in alcohol testing, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability


What we can offer

Staywell’s associated specialist D & A screening company provide legally defensible chain of custody screening and confirmation testing across the UK.  The complete testing process is carried out in accordance with legal requirements and by fully trained professionals:

We can arrange testing at a location of your choice on either a:

Beyond the provision of testing and delivery of result, we can provide a full supporting service making the whole process effortless:

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