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At Staywell Occupational Health we are working hard to keep our customers and colleagues safe and well during the coronavirus outbreak. We are taking account of Government advice in our policy decisions and we are supporting workplace changes and demands proactively through tailored guidance.

These are unprecedented times for everyone and the workplace is having to change the paradigm, being asked to provide support and guidance to employees which is outside of the ‘normal’. A large number of employees are also faced with working in a home environment without the support of their colleagues around them.

With onsite visits being postponed until further notice we understand you still need support and often in different ways.   We are developing services in response to this need and will be releasing further details as and when they happen.

We are aware that social media is rife with information and it is hard to distinguish between the truth and wildly wrong assumptions. We would recommend you refer to reputable websites and those we reference on a daily basis are NHS website and UK Government .

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing guidance and regular blogs with tips and advice on our website, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. We hope you will find this useful as we continue to be here to support you and your workforce.

The Staywell Team