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The Coronavirus pandemic: the science behind “stress” and what to do about it.

March 30th, 2020 posted by StaywellAdmin

By Paul Hinckley, Occupational Health Advisor at Staywell Occupational Health – 30th March 2020 One thing that has set Coronavirus apart from other infectious diseases is that it comes with a huge fear-factor for most people. Even the word “pandemic” sounds scary. The speed with which this virus has spread throughout the world has surprised…

Staywell » Archives for March 2020

Impacts of COVID-19 on Health Surveillance

March 27th, 2020 posted by StaywellAdmin

Many of our clients took early action to reduce visits from external parties and as the public health advice has changed, we know that many businesses have taken the decision to comply with social distancing advice by closing their doors temporarily.  For some industries, social distancing measures can be enforced as far as possible whilst…