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Respiratory Diseases: How Health Surveillance Can Help

August 28th, 2017 posted by staywelloh

Our lungs are complex and fragile organs. Responsible for getting oxygen into our blood stream, they are composed of millions of air sacs and hundreds of miles of capillaries. We have come to recognise in recent times the problems posed by poor air quality but many people are exposed to potentially dangerous situations in their…

Staywell » Archives for August 2017

Are you writing for GP reports when managing absence? Here’s 5 reasons to think again

August 22nd, 2017 posted by staywelloh

It is still general practice for HR managers to write to GPs to access information concerning an employee’s absence, especially when putting together a return to work plan. This can be an inefficient and expensive way to handle sickness and absence, not only because each report costs between £90 and £180 but also the length…